biography of Edmundo AQUINO (1939)

Birth place: Oaxaca, Mexico

Addresses: Mexico

Profession: Painter, engraver

Studied: Nat Sch. Plastics Art, Nat. Univ. Mex., Teacher of Fine Arts Degree, 1962; Ecole Nat. Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, Fr. Govt. scholar, 1967-1969; Slade Sch. Fine Arts, London, Brit. Coun. scholar, 1969.

Exhibited: XVI Interministerial Exhibition, Gallery Contemp Art, City of Paris, 1968; International Festival of Painting, Cagnes-Sur Mer, France, 1969 & 1972; Biennale of Paris, 1969; Second British International Biennale of Prints, Bradford, Eng, 1970; Biennale of Black and White, Lugano, Switz, 1972; Ines Amore, Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico 6 DF, Mex., 1970s. Awards: First prize for painting, Univ. Mus. Arts & Scis., Nat. Univ. Mex., 1961; first prize for painting & drawing, medal awarded by Hotel Monnaie, Paris, at Exhib. of Foreign Artists with Fr. Govt. scholarships, 1969.

Work: Nat. Libr. Paris, France; Univ. Mass. Collection; London Co. Coun., City Literary Inst. London, Eng.; MOMA, Mexico City, Mex. Commissions: Mural and Plexiglas decorations for two theaters, Sterling Theaters, Los Angeles, Calif., 1966-1967.

Comments: Preferred media: oils, silkscreen, lithograph. Positions: dir., Galleries of Casa del Lago, Nat. Univ. Mex., Mexico City, 1971-. Teaching: instr. drawing & painting & head plastic arts sect., Sch. Fine Arts, Oaxaca, Mex., 1963-1967.