biography of Forrest King MOSES (1893-1974)

Birth place: Verona, VA

Addresses: Eagle Bridge, NY

Profession: Primitive painter

Studied: Grandma Moses.

Exhibited: Int. Naive Art Exhs., Art Wagon Gals., Scottsdale, AZ, 1971-72; Raymond J. Poppelman, Oxford, MD, 1970s

Work: Ft. Stanwix Mus., Rome, NY; Rensselaer Co. Hist Soc., Rome; Acad. Arts, Easton, MD; Bennington (VT)Mus.; Robert F. Kennedy Coll., Syracuse, NY. Commissions: "Siege of Ft. Stanwix," Ft. Stanwix Mus., 1967; "Erie Canal," Erie Canal Sequi. Celebration comt., Rome, 1967; "Battle of Bennington," Bennington Mus., 1969; plus many other hist. scenes of Mohawk Valley Region.

Comments: Son of Grandma Moses." He was a farmer before he started painting at age 56. Employing a style similar to his mother's, he grouped his paintings by seasons, rather than giving them titles. He chose to paint only pleasant subjects.

Sources: WW73; 300 Years of American Art, 855. "