biography of Marylin NEWMARK (1928-2013)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: East Hills, NY

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: Adelphi Col.; Alfred Univ.; Paul Brown, Garden City, NY.

Exhibited: All. A. Am., 1970-72; NSS, New York, 1970-72; Nat. Art Mus. Sport, New York, 1971; James Ford Bell Mus. Natural Hist., Minneapolis, MN 1971; NAD, 1971-72; Arthur Ackermann & Son Inc., NYC. Awards: Anna Hyatt Huntington Award, AAPL, 1971; Anna Hyatt Huntington Award, Hudson Valley, 1972; award, Council Am. Artists Soc. Nat. Sculpture Show, 1972; Harriet W. Frishmuth Mem. Award, 1980.

Member: ANA; NSS (fellow); AAPL; Wolfe Art Club; Nat. Art Lg.; Soc. Animal Artists.

Work: Nat. Mus. of Racing, Saratoga, NY; Nat. Art Mus. of Sport, Indianapolis; Int. Mus. Horse, Lexington, KY. Commissions: "Cormac," Edward McVitty, New York, 1954; "Elkridge," Kent Miller, SC, 1955; "Peggy Augustus on Waiting Home," Mrs. Augustus, VA, 1961; "Hacking Home Trophy," Prof. Horseman's Assn., 1971; "Hobson Perpetual Trophy," Liberty Bell Race Track, PA, 1972.

Comments: Preferred medium: bronze. Contrib.: "Sculpturing Horses," Morning Telegraph, 1971. Also appears as Marilyn Newmark Meiselman.

Sources: WW73; Margit Malmstrom, "The Bronze Horses of M. Newmark," Am. Artist, 1971; Molly Marks, "Life Interest Expressed in Sculpture," Horsemen's Yankee Peddlar, 1972; "Horses in Sculpture," Am. Horseman, 1972.