biography of Mervin JULES (1912-1994)

Birth place: Baltimore, MD

Addresses: Northampton, MA/Provincetown, MA, 1940s-70s; NYC, 1973

Profession: Painter, illustrator, printmaker, educator

Studied: Baltimore City Col.; Md. Inst. Fine & Applied Arts; ASL, with T.H. Benton.

Exhibited: BMA, 1936-46 (prize 1936, 1939-40); WMAA, 1938, 1940-49; AIC, 1938-41; PAFA Ann., 1939, 1943, 1948-50; MoMA, 1941 (prize); WFNY, 1939; GGE, 1939; CI, 1941, 1944-45; VMFA, 1946; LOC, 1940, 1945-46; LOC, 1945 (prize); BM; Corcoran Gal. biennial, 1945; ACA Gal, NYC, 1940s; San Fran. World's Fair; Artists for Victory (sent to England); Boston Printmakers, 1967 (19th Ann. Exhib., hon. men.). Awards: Asian-African Study Program grant to Japan, 1967; Alfred Vance Churchill Fndn. grant, 1967.

Member: Provincetown AA; Beachcombers Cl.; An Am. Group; A. Lg. Am.; Audubon A.; Am. Ar. Cong.; United Am. Ar.

Work: MoMA; MMA; BMA; BM; AIC; PMA; BMFA; LOC; Portland (OR) Mus. A.; PMG; Walker A. Center; Ill. State Mus.; Encyclopedia Britannica Coll.

Comments: Positions: adv. ed., School Arts magazine; trustee, Cummington Sch. Music & Art & Provincetown AA; gov. bd., Inst. for Study of Art in Educ. Teaching: Fieldston Sch., MoMA; Smith College, 1945-50s.

Sources: WW73; Crotty, 89; Provincetown Painters, 243; Falk, Exh. Record Series.