biography of Paul S. ABBATE (1884-1972)

Birth place: Villarosa, Italy

Addresses: Torrington, CT

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: Study in Italy & the US.

Exhibited: NSS; Arch. League; PAFA; others in Europe.

Member: NSS; Cenocolo Dante Soc.; Connecticut A&W; Kent AA; Arts Council; Int. FA League

Work: Dante Monument, Newburgh, NY; Ruvolo Monument, Torrington Cemetery, CT; Providence, RI; Fiume, Italy; NAC; Library, Waterbury, CT; bust portraits of President Harding, John Burroughs, others.

Comments: Preferred media: marble, bronze. Positions: curator, Torrington Mus. Art.

Sources: WW73; WW47.