biography of Siegfried REINHARDT (1925-1984)

Birth place: Eydkuhnen, Germany

Addresses: Kirkwood, MO

Profession: Painter, designer

Studied: Wash Univ. (A.B.)

Exhibited: CAM St. Louis, 1943-61 (14 exhs.); AIC, 1947; WMAA, 1951-55 & 1960; Cincinnati AC, 1955, 1958 & 1961; PAFA Ann., 1958, 1962, 1964; PAFA, 1960-61; Midtown Galleries, NYC & Albrecht Gal. Art, St. Joseph, MO, 1970s. Awards: six awards, St. Louis Art Guild, 1951-58; awards, Cincinnati Contemp. AC, 1958 & Int. Exh. Sacred Art, Trieste, Italy, 1961

Member: St. Louis Art Guild.

Work: Am. Acad. Arts & Letters; CAM St. Louis; Concordia Teachers College; Southern Illinois Univ.; WMAA. Commissions: murals, Rand McNally, Skokie, IL, Edison Bros. Shoe Co., St. Louis, Teamsters Local 88, Med. Bldg. & Nooter Corp., St. Louis.

Comments: Positions: designer & executor stained glass windows, Emil Frei, Inc., 1948-; painted "Man of Sorrows," weekly TV show, 1955, 1957 & 1958. Teaching: Wash. Univ., 1955-70.

Sources: WW73; Nathaniel Pousettte-Dart (ed.), American Painting Today (Hastings, 1956); Lee Nordness (ed.), Art: USA: Now (C.J. Bucher, 1962); Falk, Exh. Record Series.