biography of William OBERHARDT (1882-1958)

Birth place: Guttenberg, NJ

Death place: NYC?

Addresses: North Pelham, NY

Profession: Portrait painter, sculptor, illustrator, lecturer

Studied: NAD, 1897-1900; Munich AFA, with Von Marr, Herterich, 1900-03; E. Ward; G. Maynard.

Exhibited: NAD; WFNY, 1939; Art Dir. Club, annually; SI.

Member: ANA; SI; Art Dir. Club; New Rochelle AA.

Work: NYPL; LOC; War Dept.; Commission FA; many portraits of prominent persons, including Pres. Harding, Thomas A. Edison, C.D. Gibson, Joseph Pennell

Sources: WW47; P&H Samuels, 350.