biography of Helen Damrosch TEE-VAN (1893-1976)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: NYC; Sherman, CT

Profession: Painter, illustrator, craftsperson, designer, writer

Studied: New York School Display; also with George De Forest Brush & Jonas Lie.

Exhibited: NAD, 1917; CAM, 1917; CM, 1917; PAFA, 1923; AMNH, 1925; LACMA, 1926; Ainslie Gal., 1927; Warren Cox Gal., 1931; Gibbes Mem. Art Gal., 1935; Buffalo Mus. Sc., 1935; Berkshire Mus., 1936; Argent Gal., 1941.

Member: Soc. Woman Geographers; Soc. Animal Artists; New York Zoological Soc. (life mem.)

Work: Bronx Zoo, New York. Commissions: murals & display, Berkshire Mus., Pittsfield, 1938-39; murals & exhibs., New York Zoological Soc., 1941-62 (color plates of flora and fauna of British Guiana, the Arcturus, Haitian and Bermuda Oceanographic Expeditions under W. Beebe, 1922, 1924, 1925, 1927, 1929-33).

Comments: Preferred media: oils, watercolors. Positions: scientific artist, scientific artist tropical res. & artist on NY expeditions, tropical dept., 1922-62, New York Zoological Soc. Publications: author/illustrator, Red Howling Monkey, Macmillan, 1926; illustrator, Story of the Platypus, 1959; author/illustrator, Insects Are Where You Find Them, 1963; author/illustrator, Small Mammals Are Where You Find Them, 1966; illustrator, Story of Alaskan Grizzly, 1969, Knopf; plus many natural history book illustrations for various scientific & juvenile books. Art interests: undersea landscape; black & white illustrations. Also known as Helen Therese Damrosch.

Sources: WW73; WW47; Falk, Exh. Record Series.