biography of Victor Michail ARNAUTOFF (1896-1979)

Birth place: Mariupol, Ukraine, Russia

Death place: Leningrad, Russia

Addresses: San Francisco/Colma, CA; Leningrad, Russia

Profession: Painter, educator, graphic artist

Studied: Calif. Sch. FA, with Ralph Stackpole and Edgar Walters; Diego Rivera

Exhibited: GGE 1939; WFNY 1939; San F. AA, 1929-1937 (prize), 1938 (prize), 1939, 1958; Calif. State Fairs, 1934, 1935; Foundation of Western Art, Los Angeles, 1934; Calif.-Pac.Int'l Expo., San Diego, 1935; AIC; CPLH, 1931 (solo), 1946; TMA; Artists' Union Hall, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 1958

Member: San Fran. AA; United Am. Ar.; Calif. Soc. of Mural Painters

Work: SFMA; Albert Bender Mem. Coll.; Edward Bruce Mem. Coll.; murals, Coit Mem. Chapel, George Washington H.S., San F.; USPO, Linden & College Station, Tex.; Richmond, Cal.; Pacific Grove, Cal. WPA muralist.

Comments: Came to San Francisco in 1925 via China and Mexico. After his studies he returned to China and then immigrated to Mexico with his wife and children. In 1931 the family was back in San Francisco. He returned to Russia after his wife died. Positions: instr. sculpture, fresco painting, Calif. Sch. FA, San Fran.; asst. prof., dept. art & arch., Stanford Univ., Cal.

Sources: WW59; WW47. More recently, see Hughes, Artists of California, 23-24.