biography of Wharton Harris ESHERICK (1887-1970)

Birth place: Phila.

Death place: Paoli, PA

Addresses: Paoli, PA

Profession: Sculptor, designer, craftsperson, graphic artist, block printer, illustrator

Studied: PM School Art; PAFA; Chase; Beaux; Anshutz.

Exhibited: Soc. Indp. A., 1917-19; PAFA, 1934, 1951-53, 1960-68; WFNY, 1939; 20th Cent. Sculpture Show, 1952-53; Mus. Contemp. Crafts, NY, 1957, Dec. 1958 thru Feb. 1959 (retrospective); Brussels World Fair, 1958; PMA; WMAA; MoMA, 1953; Tale Gal., London, England, 1953; BM, 1961; Wilmington Soc. FA, 1963; Phila-Art All., 1964; AGAA, 1964; Triennale di Milano, 1964; Smithsonian Inst. traveling exhib., 1964-65; USIA traveling exhib., Latin America, 1964-65. Awards: prizes, Phila. Print Club, 1937; PAFA, 1951; PM School Art, 1957; one of eleven winners in Int. Sculpture Comp., for The Unknown Political Prisoner" (awarded 2 prizes); gold medal, Arch. Lg., 1954."

Member: AEA.

Work: PAFA; AGAA; Casa del Libro, San Juan, PR; WMAA; PMA; Univ. Pennsylvania; Hedgerow Theatre, Moylan, PA

Comments: Did woodcut illustrations: Song of Solomon; Song of the Broad Axe.

Sources: WW66; WW47; Falk, Exh. Record Series.