Artprice: the 2013/2014 Contemporary Art Market Report is now online

[29 Sep 2014]


Who are today’s top artists on the Contemporary art market? Who are the most sought-after emerging artists in the world? Where exactly is the market? Where is it beginning to thrive? What are the principal trends on the Contemporary art market… and what determines the price of an artist? Just some of the questions we focus on in this eighth edition of’s Contemporary Art Market Guide, based on an in-depth analysis of global auction data (July 2013 through early July 2014). Whether you buy art as an investment or as a passion, this report provides insight into the workings and current condition of the Contemporary art market… a market that is fiercely competitive but which has opportunities for all art lovers, whatever their means.

The high-range contemporary art market continues to rocket! The 2013-2014 period was one of many records: a record set by Jeff Koons for his contemporary work of art sold m€38.8 ; a record number of auction sales reaching the million dollar/euro threshold and a record auction turnover for a Post-War and Contemporary Art sale. This 8th edition reports on the market’s prosperity and analyses emerging markets in Africa, the Middle-East, South America and the Philippine.

The Report also contains a repertory of the world’s Top 500 Contemporary artists ranked by auction turnover.



Records in the art market
Artists making over €10 million
Art is not necessarily unaffordable
Bipolarity: China and the United States
Europe: the gap between London and Paris

Focus on the Philippines
Africa and the Middle-East
Latin America

TOP 500 Artists 2013/2014

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