Flash News: Keith Haring’s collection coming up for auction – Resistance of Parisian fairs… and cancellations

[18 Sep 2020]

Keith Harings collection coming up for auction

What’s in the collection of one of the most committed New York artivists of the 1980s? Quite simply the most popular artists on the today’s market: Andy WARHOL and Jean-Michel BASQUIAT, of course, but also Roy Lichtenstein, Kenny Scharf, Futura 2000, Jenny Holzer and George Condo, all friends of Keith HARING.

In collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation, Sotheby’s is preparing to disperse around 140 artworks and objects directly from Haring’s personal collection, works that were either given to him or that he received in a swap or that he purchased. considered one of the founding fathers of Street Art, Haring’s collection is expected to attract lots of enthusiasts and it will be hosted online between 24 September and 1 October 2020.

The sale presents acquisition opportunities at all levels, with auctions starting at $100 for certain items. The most expensive work is a portrait of Keith Haring with his companion Juan Dubose painted by Andy Warhol in 1983. This canvas, once installed prominently in Haring’s living room, is expected to find a new owner for $200,000 according to Sotheby’s low estimate. But it could also reach two or three times that amount given its subject, its provenance and the high demand… Haring being none other than the second best-selling Contemporary artist on the auction market today.

In total Sotheby’s is hoping to raise at least a million dollars and donate the profits to The Center, which supports New York’s gay community in accordance with the mission of the Keith Haring Foundation and the artist’s philanthropic legacy.

Resistance of Parisian fairs… and cancellations

A week after the Art Paris fair at the Grand Palais, the organizers of the major Parisian art and trade meetings are taking stock of the situation. After two postponements, Art Paris – the first major fair to open its doors since the lockdown – took place in satisfactory conditions despite galloping pandemic stats in Paris. The organizers have stated that they received nearly 57,000 visitors between 9 and 13 September despite a “…voluntary lowering of the visitor level to 3,000 people instead of the 5,000 normally authorised in the Grand Palais.” They also stated that “While the number of general public visitors fell by 10% versus 2019, the attendance of collectors and museum directors was up +25% versus 2019, with a cumulative total of 23,218 professional and VIP guests.” Sales were not disappointing and focused mainly on the 5,000 – 30,000 euros price range.

But this successful operation did not stop the pandemic, and, most unfortunately, Reed Expositions finally announced, the day after the closure of Art Paris, the cancellation of the FIAC. The 2020 edition of the FIAC was scheduled at the Grand Palais from 22 to 25 October. In its press release of 14 September, the organizer of the most important art fair in France said: “Despite our deep determination and our tireless work to overcome the numerous difficulties caused by the health crisis, the organization considers that it is not in a position to offer an event that meets the expectations and ambitions of its exhibitors and visitors (…) In this context, the FIAC has undertaken to reimburse exhibitors 100% of the sums already paid.” The decision to cancel the FIAC – a major international meeting of Contemporary and Modern art – was no doubt taken in consideration of the fact that foreign collectors and museums personnel, especially Americans, were not going to be able to attend.

Reed Expositions, which organises 500 events worldwide, is nevertheless maintaining the November edition of Paris photo after the cancellation of its New York edition in mid-March. Another Parisian art fair, also scheduled for November, is also resisting: DDESSIN should open its doors at the Richelieu Atelier from 18 to 20 September. Paris’s post-vacation and autumn period will not have been completely brought to a standstill by the health crisis!