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The best art auction results during lockdown [09 Jun 2020]

Like a lot of sectors, the global art market has been seriously impacted by the Covid 19 crisis, forcing auction companies to cancel or postpone sales. However, thanks to online sales, its activity did not grind to a complete halt. In this article Artprice focuses on the best results hammered during the lockdown, when a […]

Flash News: Susan Rothenberg has left us – works by Judy Chicago acquired by museums – and, where are the masterpieces we usually see in May? [05 Jun 2020]

Tribute to Susan Rothenberg Susan ROTHENBERG passed away on 18 May 18 at the age of 75. She substantially contributed to a revival of American figurative painting as far back as the 1970s, freeing it from the rules of composition, focusing on the essential while maintaining a subtle emotional quality. Her work was well received […]

Christo… larger than life [04 Jun 2020]

The immense Bulgarian-American artist CHRISTO left us on May 31. Christo Vladimirov Javacheff was born in Gabrovo, an industrial city from which he apparently escaped, hidden in a freight train, in 1957. Once in Paris, he met the woman who would become his companion and accomplice for the rest of his life, Jeanne Claude, born […]

Focus on Liu Ye [26 May 2020]

From children’s literature to historical figures, from the Dutch Modernists to well-known literary characters, few Chinese artists have referenced as much Western culture as LIU Ye. From baby-faced children to comic book heroes, his art reworks internationally recognised icons of contemporary culture. Born two years before the start of the Cultural Revolution, he grew up […]

Taking the air… with our favorites of the week [22 May 2020]

We could not resist mirroring our restored liberty (lockdown relaxed) by picking four decidedly outdoor works for our favorites of the week from Artprice’s online marketplace! Four paintings that offer a quick tour of France. After basking in the warm sunshine of the South with Armand Guillaumin, we return to Paris for a stroll through […]

An artist, a gallery: Nathaniel Mary Quinn and Larry Gagosian [19 May 2020]

Nowadays the major galleries dictate who shines on the art market. They are the new trendsetters of our time and their choices generally lead the market. How do they do it? Their numerous strengths include their powerful networks, their international reach and their knowledge of the inner workings of the market. They are extremely effective […]

The switch to online – part 3. Christie’s moves up a gear [15 May 2020]

As we explained in our Switch to online – part 2: Sotheby’s has a head start article – published on 5 May – Sotheby’s appears to have acquired a considerable lead in the online competition, with a good pace of online sales offering relatively high-quality works. These included a painting by George Condo that fetched […]

Focus on Lynette Yiadom-Boakye [12 May 2020]

Lynette YIADOM-BOAKYE (1977) creates portraits, but rather than posed portraits they are imaginary portraits which she usually tries to finish in a single day. As a result, her paintings express a high level of intensity, created with short and expressive brush strokes. Her palette usually contains dark tones, which lend a certain drama to her […]

Our favorites of the week #7 [08 May 2020]

Focus on Contemporary Photography Here’s our 7th set of favorites from the online offer on since the French lockdown began! This week’s selection has four works by four established Contemporary photographers. Three of them, Robert Gligorov, Huang Yan and Liu Bolin decided to turn the camera on themselves, each in their own way using […]

Switch to online – part 2: Sotheby’s has a head start [05 May 2020]

An online“Hong Kong” sale that generated much better results than expected… a good level of transaction fluidity… new buyers… and online bids on the up – the switch to ‘online only’ is bearing its first fruits. Forging ahead of their competitors in the online sphere, Sotheby’s strategy and (good) results deserve a closer look.   […]

Our favorites of the week #6: focus on Asia [01 May 2020]

During the lockdown, Artmarket’s teams are posting selections of their favorites selected from Artprice’s online marketplace. For our 6th selection this week we decided to focus on Asia! The first two artists are rising stars in Japanese art: Chiho Aoshima and Ayako Rokkaku, both linked to the Kaikai Kiki collective that formed around Takashi Murakami. […]

Tribute to Peter Beard [29 Apr 2020]

Peter BEARD – a great American photographer with a strong passion for wildlife – was found dead on 19 April 2020 in Camp Hero National Park, Montauk, at the tip of Long Island. Suffering from senile dementia, he had disappeared three weeks earlier. He was 82 years old. “He died where he lived: in the […]

The switch to online – no.1: Focus on French results [21 Apr 2020]

The art market has never experienced such a sharp crisis. Within a matter of days, auctioneers around the world have been forced to postpone or even cancel their physical sales in order to comply with the health emergency restrictions. However, the art auction market is not at a complete standstill. Although very slow, activity continues […]

Kawsmania in the art market [14 Apr 2020]

Brian Donelly, aka “Kaws”, was born in New York in 1974. Now in his forties, the American artist started his career in graffiti and ‘subvertising’, the unlawful détournement of commercial advertisements. However, such was his style that the targets of his subvertising – brands like Marc Jacobs, Nike, Dior and the Disney Studios – offered […]

Our favorites of the week #3 [10 Apr 2020]

For the third consecutive week, Artmarket’s teams have selected their ‘favorite’ works currently being offered by our partner galleries. We are happy to bring to your attention a superb bronze by Manolo Valdès, a poetic and graphic work in India ink by Henri Michaux, a dense and dynamic ‘lyrical abstraction’ by John Cluysenaar and an […]

Afro-British artists… brief history of their market emergence [31 Mar 2020]

In 1980s London, “Black art” moved from the margins to the center of British culture thanks to personalities like Eddie Chambers, Lubaina Himid and Keith Piper, whose campaign for a greater representation of black art in Great Britain culminated with the historical exhibition The Other Story organized at the Hayward Gallery in 1989. At the […]

Drawing… the Guerlain prize… a growing market [27 Mar 2020]

The Guerlain prize… an important award The coronavirus hasn’t stopped everything. The 13th edition of the prestigious Guerlain prize for drawing has been awarded as planned, albeit subject to the safety restriction measures currently in place in France. The jurors voted from their individual places of confinement to elect the artist whose work they most […]

Our favorites of the week [26 Mar 2020]

During this period of confinement, Artmarket’s teams have decided to share with you, every week, their “favorites” among the works promoted by our partner galleries. Bring art into your home by discovering a canvas by Auguste HERBIN, a watercolor by Mel RAMOS, an engraving by Piero DORAZIO and an acrylic by Vladimir SEMENSKIY. Want more? […]

Contemporary art in Chile… [23 Mar 2020]

Elodie Fulton, Director of the Ch.ACO art fair – announced as postponed on March 12 to counter the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic – explains how evolved the Contemporary art in Chile. The idea of organizing an art fair in Chile was born in 2007. A small group of people from the art world, familiar with […]

The art market reacts to Covid-19 [19 Mar 2020]

Although confinement measures are clearly a curse for an entire ecosystem dependent on the circulation of art fans and collectors, art market professionals intend to keep themselves active by adapting to the new situation, or even by reinventing themselves. In most cases this will involve some degree of federation as well as a significant expansion […]

5 views of Tefaf [13 Mar 2020]

The gallery owners below were interviewed on March 10, 2020. The next day, Tefaf Maastricht announced the premature closure of the fair, five days before the scheduled date. ” In close consultation with the city of Maastricht, the health authorities, and MECC Maastricht, TEFAF has decided to shorten the fair and to close by the […]

Cancellation of Art fair Tokyo and the Japanese market [10 Mar 2020]

As part of the effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Art Tokyo association has been forced to cancel its 14th edition of Art fair Tokyo – the oldest trade fair in the country – as well as World Art Tokyo 2020. The announcement was posted unexpectedly on March 9, just ten days before […]

Top results during Armory week [10 Mar 2020]

New York’s Armory week attracted large crowds last week, generating a satisfactory start to 2020’s global calendar of ‘arty’ events. In the framework of New York’s much anticipated Armory Week, all the fairs, exhibitions, auctions, conferences and private tours attracted good audiences. The enthusiasm was generally reassuring for the global Art Market after the cancellation […]

Artprice at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York: the Art Market might have reached a turning point [04 Mar 2020]

Art history has traditionally analysed the evolution of artistic trends by reference to precise criteria such as dates, places, movements and techniques. Nowadays, however, a far more flexible and interconnective approach seems to prevail, most likely driven by the dynamic links between ideas, exhibitions, artists and works resulting from the proliferation of the Internet and […]

Hans Arp – market data [03 Mar 2020]

Dadaism, Surrealism, Abstraction… Jean (Hans) Arp was closely involved with some of the most famous developments in fine art during the first half of the 20th century. Ahead of an exceptional sale of works previously belonging to Greta Stroeh, Artprice takes a close look at the market for creations by this pioneer. From the birth […]

Dorothea Lange… making images speak [25 Feb 2020]

New York’s Museum of Modern Art developed strong links with photographer Dorothea LANGE (1895-1965) at a very early stage. She contributed to the Museum’s very first photography exhibition in 1940 and participated in the preparation of her first retrospective, which opened in 1966, three months after her death. Today, her work still looks extremely modern and […]

David Hockney makes the biggest splash in London… [17 Feb 2020]

On 11 February David Hockney’s The Splash sold for £23 million ($31.2 million) in London – at more than eight times its 2006 price – taking Sotheby’s total revenue from its prestige Contemporary Art sale to $120 million, substantially ahead of Christie’s $72.7 million total from its equivalent session the following day (12 February). Before […]

London, weaker performances [10 Feb 2020]

London’s prestige art sales last week opened the 2020 auction season with less impressive results than in previous years. The turnover figures were clearly down on 2019 and together Christie’s and Sotheby’s Imp/Mod + Surrealist sales on 4 and 5 February last week took $202.4 million versus $326 million a year earlier (more than $124 […]

Surrealist mood… [07 Feb 2020]

The market data is clear: René MAGRITTE (1898-1967)  is currently the top-selling painter of the Surrealist movement. In the last three years, demand for works by the Belgian artist has been unprecedented with record after record in the auction rooms, and 2019 was a historic year for his market with more than $128 million hammered […]

London kicks off the 2020 calendar [04 Feb 2020]

With the UK’s divorce from the EU having just been formalised, the Art Market is in full swing in London with the first prestige sales of the year. This Tuesday (4 Feb) and tomorrow (5 Feb), Sotheby’s and Christie’s will be hosting the first major Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist sales of 2020, proposing works by […]

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