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0104 19 01 01 168x140

Marc Chagall (1887 – 1985): works on paper [18 Jan 2004]

Thanks to his massive output, Marc Chagall has more works sold at auction than any artist except Pablo Picasso. The most developed segment remains his works on paper representing almost 95% of the lots sold.

0104 15 02 01 168x140

Animal sculptures stampede upward [14 Jan 2004]

The booming sculpture market of 1997-2003 brought an explosion in the prices of certain sculptors, including Rembrandt BUGATTI (+317%), Charles VALTON (+217%) and Édouard Marcel SANDOZ (+93%). Their gains were typical of the renewed market interest in animal sculpture.

0104 14 01 01 168x137

Photographs: highlights of 2003 [13 Jan 2004]

After making spectacular gains in the 1990s, the photography market is now facing an unprecedented crisis. The areas suffering the most are those previously most successful, i.e. old and contemporary works. The speculative bubble that buoyed them for five years has just burst and only quality pieces are now finding a buyer.

0104 13 01 01 168x140

Sculpture: highlights of 2003 [12 Jan 2004]

Three-dimensional works escaped the slump in sales that afflicted most of the art market in 2002 but are now suffering from a lack of liquidity. Fewer big name pieces seem to be coming onto the market. That said, prices are soaring.

0104 13 01 01 168x140

What estimates mean to the market [12 Jan 2004]

The success of an auction depends, of course, on the selection of works for sale, but also on a correct price estimate for each lot. In practice, however, only one out of every five lots sold at auction is knocked down within its estimated range. This suggests that for consignors, auctions usually bring either pleasant surprises or dashed hopes.

0104 07 01 01 168x125

Chuck Close (1940) [06 Jan 2004]

This year the Metropolitan Museum of Art will house a major travelling exhibition of his prints, entitled “Chuck Close Prints: process and collaboration”. The artist’s new record has helped stimulate the uptrend, and print prices are also heading up again.

0713 02 01 01 18

A spate of records among English drawings and watercolourists [22 Dec 2003]

Drawings have always been a sound first step for budding collectors in the UK and they look a particularly good bet now, with British works showing spectacular price gains at auction on the back of big price rises for the lesser known artists.

1203 19 01 01 168x140

American Impressionism in decline in 2003 [18 Dec 2003]

An offshoot of French Impressionism, American Impressionism emerged in the 1880s with the works of Charles Curran and Ben Foster. The movement numbers some 60 artists. Its most celebrated exponents include Childe HASSAM of Boston, who was inspired by urban subjects, and the portraitists Mary CASSATT and John Singer SARGENT.

1203 16 01 01 168x140

The greenback’s slide saves the US art market [15 Dec 2003]

The dollar’s value has fallen by 17% against the euro and 8.6% against sterling since December 2002, in a slide generally attributed to the yawning deficit in the US balance of payments. The effect has been to stimulate American exports while limiting imports and this has had a big impact on the US art market. Trends and turnover on the global art market tend to correlate closely with exchange rates.

1203 11 01 01 168x140

The Nouveaux Réalistes: auction prices take off [10 Dec 2003]

The artists lauded by critic Pierre Restany were in great demand at Piasa on 4 December 2003. All lots were sold, often going for more than their estimates, which was good news after several lacklustre weeks for the French market and confirms that many growth segments of the market remain strong.

1203 10 01 01 168x134

Christie’s rounds off 2003 with auctions of old master drawings in Paris and Rome [09 Dec 2003]

If the price of an old master drawing depends mainly on its origin and state of preservation, then investors are in for a treat. Christie’s is putting up drawings from the collection of one of the great 18th century collectors, the Marquis of Calvière, in Paris on 17 December.

1203 05 01 01 168x125

Alexander Calder (1898-1976) [04 Dec 2003]

Christie’s has just set a new record for a sculpture by Alexander Calder. However, it is his works on paper that are the main focus of the price surge.

1203 01 01 01 168x125

DELACROIX, Eugène (1798-1863) [30 Nov 2003]

The market is still teeming with Délacroix drawings and sketches, mostly from his travels in Morocco and Algeria.

1103 28 01 01 168x140

Photojournalism given a rough ride at auction [27 Nov 2003]

Third time around must have been too much. This was the third year running that Thierry de Maigret had played host to collectors of photojournalism. His initial sale on 15 November 2001 was a first in the genre, and took EUR 250,000, with 124 lots finding buyers.

1103 26 01 01 168x140

Djazaïr: French orientalists honoured during Algeria Year [25 Nov 2003]

France has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cultural events to celebrate Algeria Year, which include three major exhibitions of orientalist art: « De Delacroix à Renoir, l’Algérie des peintres », at the Arab World Institute (until 18 January 2004), « Fantaisies du Harem et nouvelles Schéhérazade » at Lyon’s Natural History Museum (until 4 January 2004) and « De Delacroix à Matisse – Dessins du musée des Beaux-Arts d’Alger » at the Louvre (until 19 January 2004).

1103 24 01 01 168x104

International contemporary art driven by Phillips, De Pury & Luxembourg [23 Nov 2003]

The contemporary art market has been doing fairly well of late, and the last big auctions of the year have reaffirmed the trend. The wealthiest US investors are continuing to support new art. Record after record has been falling in New York, and not only for American artists.

1103 17 01 01 168x122

Gloomy times for impressionists while modernists triumph [16 Nov 2003]

The US art market was in fine form at the Impressionism and Modern Art evening sales. Thanks to a number of wealthy American bidders, several major lots went for more than their high estimates. A healthy 75 of 102 lots put up found buyers on the evenings of 4 and 5 November, and total turnover was USD 216 million.

1103 07 01 01 168x124

Edward Weston (1886-1958) [06 Nov 2003]

New record for Edward Weston confirms 137% price surge for the master of modern American photography.

1003 30 01 01 168x125

James Rosenquist (1933) [29 Oct 2003]

Rosenquist has one of the lowest price indexes among pop artists. The retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum might create renewed interest.

1003 23 01 01 168x140

New York under the spotlight [22 Oct 2003]

The evenings of 4 and 5 November see two of the biggest media events of the year: the eagerly awaited New York Impressionist & Modern Art sales. The art market is generally having a thin time, but is the same true at the very top end? We will find out when we see how the world’s wealthiest collectors receive the exceptional pieces on the stands in New York.

1003 22 01 01 168x125

Edouard Manet (1832 – 1883) [21 Oct 2003]

After many years in the doldrums, the overall price index of Edouard Manet is up by 66% since the start of the year.

1003 16 01 01 168x140

Testing times for photography [15 Oct 2003]

While few segments of the art market have escaped the current depression some are being especially hard hit. This is particularly true of photography. After riding the speculative wave of 1997-2001, prices have crashed since the start of the year. The crisis is all the more striking as it comes straight after a boom in the sector.

1003 10 01 01 168x140

Symbolism: strongly-contrasting price fluctuations in a multi-faceted movement. [09 Oct 2003]

Around 1890, in a reaction against impressionism and the creeping materialism of the industrial revolution, a new pictorial language began to emerge across Europe, symbolism. Not content with reproducing the real world, the symbolists broke away from narrative and landscape art and its canons, and sought to connect with their viewers’ sensitivity through shapes and colours. Prices for their work have risen steadily in the past 10 years (+116% between 1992 and June 2003), but the diverse personalities and nationalities making up the symbolism movement is reflected in a wide variation in prices.

0713 02 01 01 18

Art Market Alert III [08 Oct 2003]

Finding a niche in a declining market.

Collectors are being bombarded with offers aimed at reviving the current sluggish market. But the figures tell a different story. The buy-in ratio over the last six months has averaged 37% and auction houses are increasingly struggling to fill their catalogues. By 23 September, only 185 fine art sales had been announced for October 2003 compared to 263 a year earlier.

1003 07 01 01 100x140

Art market alert II: A string of black Septembers [06 Oct 2003]

First volumes slumped and then prices. For the third consecutive year, September 2003 has brought a crisis. But unlike previous years, this one seems here to stay. Can the market still recover?

0903 30 01 01 168x124

Keith Haring (1958 – 1990) [29 Sep 2003]

Haring was one of the leading lights of American graffiti. His prices rose steadily in the 1990s but recent months have seen a decline.

0903 19 01 01 168x119

Bumper year for Italian contemporary art market [18 Sep 2003]

The market for contemporary art may be shrinking everywhere else, but in Italy both value and volume sales are booming. In the first half of 2003, Italy accounted for 5% of the market by value and 19.6% by volume, with 1,085 lots generating sales worth EUR 2.2 million.

0903 17 01 01 168x124

Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) [16 Sep 2003]

Despite the publicity surrounding an exhibition at the Musée National d’Art Moderne (Paris), Jean Cocteau’s price index has slumped this year, dropping by 18% between January and September.

0903 11 01 01 168x93

French contemporary art market under pressure [10 Sep 2003]

FIAC, France’s biggest contemporary art fair, runs from 9-13 October 2003, with 174 galleries and an estimated 70,000 collectors expected to attend. With doors due to open in a few days, Artprice takes the pulse of one of the market’s most volatile segments.

0903 08 01 01 168x140

Alert on the art market [07 Sep 2003]

At Artprice through the extensive coverage of 2,900 auction houses, we have the tools to pick up the slightest flicker of life on the art market*. But readings since July have been desperately flat. The market is suffering a severe dearth of supply and sale after sale is being put back to the point where virtually nothing is coming onto the stands. Auctioneers’ turnover since July 15 is a quarter what it was in the same period of 2000.

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