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0903 30 01 01 168x124

Keith Haring (1958 – 1990) [29 Sep 2003]

Haring was one of the leading lights of American graffiti. His prices rose steadily in the 1990s but recent months have seen a decline.

0903 19 01 01 168x119

Bumper year for Italian contemporary art market [18 Sep 2003]

The market for contemporary art may be shrinking everywhere else, but in Italy both value and volume sales are booming. In the first half of 2003, Italy accounted for 5% of the market by value and 19.6% by volume, with 1,085 lots generating sales worth EUR 2.2 million.

0903 17 01 01 168x124

Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) [16 Sep 2003]

Despite the publicity surrounding an exhibition at the Musée National d’Art Moderne (Paris), Jean Cocteau’s price index has slumped this year, dropping by 18% between January and September.

0903 11 01 01 168x93

French contemporary art market under pressure [10 Sep 2003]

FIAC, France’s biggest contemporary art fair, runs from 9-13 October 2003, with 174 galleries and an estimated 70,000 collectors expected to attend. With doors due to open in a few days, Artprice takes the pulse of one of the market’s most volatile segments.

0903 08 01 01 168x140

Alert on the art market [07 Sep 2003]

At Artprice through the extensive coverage of 2,900 auction houses, we have the tools to pick up the slightest flicker of life on the art market*. But readings since July have been desperately flat. The market is suffering a severe dearth of supply and sale after sale is being put back to the point where virtually nothing is coming onto the stands. Auctioneers’ turnover since July 15 is a quarter what it was in the same period of 2000.

0103 27 01 01

Mark Rothko (1903 – 1970) [02 Sep 2003]

With a bought-in lots rate of just 6%, Rothko paintings are among the most eagerly sought in the US.

0713 02 01 01 18

Who leads the global art market? [28 Aug 2003]

Now there are not one, but two, leaders in the art world. In the first half of 2003 New York and London shared the honours, both with market shares close to 36%. In July, London actually beat New York on turnover,

0803 25 01 01 168x140

US impressionists down as home economy sags [24 Aug 2003]

Hammer prices for US impressionists have slumped in the last six months, as the local American demand that usually supports the market has dried up. In the last three years the school’s price index has fallen by 33%.

0803 20 01 01 168x125

Pierre Soulages (1919) [19 Aug 2003]

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France is currently hosting the first-ever virtually complete retrospective of Soulages’s engravings, which make up almost three quarters of its works sold at auction.

0803 13 01 01 168x140

AMERICAN POP ART: +160% in 10 years [12 Aug 2003]

Pop art blurred the lines between fine art and its commercial cousin — an astute business move, apparently, as prices at auction now spiral beyond the reach of many collectors.

0803 12 01 01 168x125

Tom Wesselmann (born 1931) [11 Aug 2003]

In 2002, with the « Great American Nude #44 », Tom Wesselman was one of the 5 Pop’Art artists who set a new record. But, such record apart, 80% of Wesselmann’s works go for less than USD 15,000

0803 04 01 01 168x140

Contemporary photographers rise in the east [03 Aug 2003]

A wave of enthusiasm among younger generation collectors has driven contemporary photography prices up by 92% in less than six years, an annual growth rate of more than 12.7%. This kind of speculative rally used to be the preserve of big name German and US photographers, but in the last few months the market seems to have been led by less renowned artists of other nationalities.

0703 29 01 01 168x140

Market trends since last summer [28 Jul 2003]

The structure of the world’s art market has continued to mutate over the last 12 months or so. Though the climate that offers little prospect of growth, a few countries have been able to grab market share. A drift away from the US and towards France and the UK was first apparent in 2001, and has continued unabated in the last year.

0703 28 01 01 168x140

Prices kept rising in the first half of 2003 [27 Jul 2003]

While the world’s stock markets have languished, at least until President Bush declared the end of combat operations in Iraq, art market prices have been rising uninterruptedly since the start of the year. The only noticeable impact of the Iraq war has been a fall in volume.

0713 02 01 01 18

The top artists from the London summer auctions [21 Jul 2003]

Sotheby’s and Christie’s held their London Impressionist and Modern Art auctions on 23-24 June. With over 80% lots sold and a turnover of GBP 63 million at two evening sessions, the auctions were encouraging without being spectacular.

0703 11 01 01 168x109

Which countries are driving the rise in prices? [10 Jul 2003]

Although art market prices have been rising again this season only 116 lots topped the million euro mark in the first six months of 2003, compared to 164 in the same period last year.

0703 10 01 01 168x124

Ansel Adams (1902-1984) [09 Jul 2003]

A touring exhibition, Ansel Adams at 100, celebrating the centenary of the US photography master, opened in his home town of San Francisco in 2001, and is now showing at the Museum of Modern Art Queens (New-York) until November 2003. Adams is the fifth biggest-selling photographer at auction.

0713 02 01 01 18

How does the French contemporary art market measure up today? [30 Jun 2003]

Since it reformed its auctioneers, France has increased its share of the auction market from 7% of worldwide turnover in 2001, to 8.6% in 2002. Yet growth in the wider sector has done little for the contemporary art market. France only generated 4.5% of the proceeds from contemporary artworks in 2002.

0603 26 01 01 168x125

Rembrandt Van Rijn (1606-1669) [25 Jun 2003]

This master of the Dutch School, had a prolific output, with some 600 paintings, 300 prints and 1,400 drawings. But barely a dozen have been seen in auction rooms in the last ten years.

0603 20 01 01 168x104

Art market cycles [19 Jun 2003]

The international auction calendar is the main driver of the art market cycle. The heart of the market shifts week by week, largely in line with what auctions are coming up on the three leading markets in France, the US and the UK.

0603 19 01 01 168x125

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) [18 Jun 2003]

A year after his premature death in 1989, Basquiat’s paintings were already fetching USD400 000 at auction. In 2002, Profit I sold for USD5 million

0713 02 01 01 18

How do the art market heavyweights measure up? [15 Jun 2003]

The world’s top ten artists by turnover (see rankings) generated USD506 million at auction in 2002. With only 1.7% of total transaction volumes they represent 20% of the art market.

0603 11 01 01 168x125

Cy Twombly (1928) [10 Jun 2003]

A major exhibition takes to the road this year to celebrate US artist Cy Twombly’s works on paper. But on the auction floor, his paper works still seem to leave collectors cold.

0503 27 01 01 168x124

Hans Arp (1887-1966) [26 May 2003]

Auctioneers Calmels-Cohen are to break up the collection assembled by Hans Arp’s brother, François Arp. The Dada artist’s price index has gained 56% since 1997 and a new record for his work was set at the recent Breton sale.

0503 21 01 01 168x140

A revival in the contemporary art market? [20 May 2003]

Excellent results from the contemporary art auctions in New York on 13-14 May 2003. After a worthy but slow start as Sotheby’s turned over USD27.4 million the first evening, Christie’s hosted a hectic sale the next day that brought in USD68.8 million.

0503 16 01 01 168x125

Robert Rauschenberg (1925) [15 May 2003]

After a decade of stagnation the prices of the first American artist to win the Venice Biennale are finally rising again

0503 07 01 01 168x125

Thomas Ruff (1958) [06 May 2003]

Thomas Ruff is, with Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth, one of the stars of German contemporary photography. He had his first success at auction in the late 1990s. But after the boom of 2001, the market for his work seems to have subsided.

0503 05 01 01 168x125

Max Beckmann (1884-1950) [04 May 2003]

After the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Tate Modern in London, it is MoMA’s turn to welcome the Beckmann retrospective from 26 June 2003. Beckmann is renowned in the auction world as the holder of the world record price for a German painting.

0713 02 01 01 18

Star turns at the Impressionism & Modern Art auctions in New York [16 Apr 2003]

Sotheby’s and Christie’s are taking similar approaches to the evening auctions to be held on 6 and 7 May. Both are banking on Renoir and Degas from the impressionists, dropping Picasso, and hoping to continue selling Giacometti sculptures in bulk. Some of the works on offer may seem oddly familiar…

0403 16 01 01 168x140

POP ART made in France [15 Apr 2003]

Although pop art has so far only reached its full potential in the United States, the movement also has roots in Europe. Now, the market is starting to remember.

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