Plans for multiple users

Whether you have specific needs as a professional or an administration, you are given several options:

  1. subscriptions for multiple users to allow several employees, students or visitors to access the databases at the same time.
    The cost depends on the number of users who will be able to make concurrent queries.
    Any subscription allows to make queries from any device and location so the number of users has to be set according to the number of allowed concurrent sessions.
    Optional and at no extra cost: the account's administrator can create satellite accounts so that each user can have his/her own access codes and customized home page, email alert (according to his/her artists' preferences).

    Take a look at our rate card from 2 to 10 users.

    For more than 10 users, please address your request to with your company's name, the number of your staff and your exact needs.

  2. login via IP address recognition (upon request, unavailable for online orders):

    • restricted login: when you want to keep the access private, within a school for example so that students are given some access codes and shall use only within a specific IP range.

    • automatic login: no need to enter access codes, users are automatically connected to within a specific IP range, for visitors in libraries for example.

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