Customize your Store

STEP 1: Make sure your seller account is complete. You will not be able to publish your ads until your seller account has been validated by our team (verification within 72 hours).


STEP 2: Setting up your Store online

The Store is your online showcase on Artprice. Don't neglect this step, a well-completed Store guarantees better visibility on the Marketplace and reassures potential buyers.

To personalize your store, at the top right, log in using your access codes and in " My account", click on "My Store" and then on the button to start editing your information.

There are 4 different tabs to complete: Presentation - Contacts - Artists - Images.

Provide as much information as possible about your activity (news, presentation, artists represented) and provide your contact details.



- Indicate the name of your STORE. Your Artprice customer account number is indicated automatically. It's recommended to modify it.

- Select your activity:
If you are a professional seller, choose your activity: gallery, auction house, artist, expert, dealer, antique dealer.
If you are a private seller, you have the choice between: artist, collector, amateur.

- News/exhibition in progress: indicate the exhibitions to come or in progress, auctions, open days etc.; or any other news related to your activity.
Remember to update it regularly.

- Presentation: present your activity. If you are a gallery, present your editorial line, the history of the gallery, if you are an artist, your sources of inspiration, techniques etc.

- Website: indicate the URL of your website in order to redirect customers to it.

- Hours: display the opening hours of your space/gallery/workshop etc.

- Display preference: choose the page the visitor will see first when they arrive on your Store.

Second tab "CONTACTS"

Enter your contact details. They will be visible on each of your ads. Potential buyers will be able to contact you directly.

Third tab "ARTISTS"

Enter the names of the artists you represent or whose works you have for sale on the Marketplace.

If the name of an artist is not referenced, click here.

Fourth tab "IMAGES"

You can upload up to 9 images in this section to showcase your Store. This tab allows you to give visitors a quick overview of your editorial line or your universe.


You can preview your Store by clicking on the "Preview" button at the bottom left of the page.

Finalize this step by clicking on the "Validate" button. Your Store is now visible on the Marketplace.

A complete and regularly updated Store will allow you to attract potential buyers.

You require further information? Contact us HERE