Our editorial policy: important points

For the purpose of transparency and to provide comprehensive information on the works of the Marketplace, and to facilitate the purchasing experience of users (collectors, enthusiasts, and first-time buyers), please find below some important points concerning the publication of ads on Artprice.


ARTPRICE Advertisements must be created for works of Art, Antiques and Design. For works of Art, an ARTPRICE Advertisement must concern one of the following categories: Drawing-Watercolour, Painting, Print, Sculpture-Installation, Photography and Audiovisual-Multimedia. All ARTPRICE Advertisements must necessarily concern an artist or artists referenced in the ARTPRICE databank.



The seller is solely responsible for the data and information indicated in his ads.
As indicated in Artprice's General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use, the Company reserves the right to refuse and/or withdraw from its site without notice, without giving reasons, and without compensation of any kind whatsoever, any advertisement which may be contrary to the law, public order, or morality, or which violates the conditions of use, or the editorial policy of Artprice. (Consult the editorial policy HERE, in GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE FOR ARTPRICE.COM “Ads”).



You have the possibility to post up to 5 images per ad.
Your advertisement must have at least 1 visual of the work (without frame/without background or neutral background for objects and works in 3 dimensions) to be published.

You can modify the framing directly in the data entry form: in the "My visuals" section, under the image, click on the "Resize/rotate" button. Crop and save changes.

This visual will be used to present your ad on the home page of the marketplace. It must therefore be representative to attract potential buyers.



No logo or watermark (that of your gallery or any other entity), or direct or indirect hypertext links to goods or services on the Internet, are accepted on the ads at the level of comments or images.



Only numbered works can be published on the marketplace. It is strongly recommended to add a visual showing the edition number (edition n°.../..., artist's proof, non-commercial, unique, ...) and the artist's signature.

Due to the lack of numbering, works belonging to an unlimited edition will not be published.

> Multiple = limited number reproduction authorized by the artist or his successors in title.
> Copies or reproductions = printing or reprinting of an unlimited number of works. This type of work is not authorized on the Artprice Marketplace.



It is strongly recommended to add one or more visuals on which appear the date of casting, the name of the founder, his stamp, the signature of the artist, as well as possible numbering of the proof (edition n°... /..., artist's proof, non-commercial, unique, …).

> Facsimiles, overcasts, copies or other reproductions are not permitted on the Marketplace.



It is strongly recommended to add one or more visuals to show if a manual signature of the artist or a stamp appears on the work, the year of the print, the edition and/or the possible numbering of the proof (edition no..../..., artist's proof, non-commercial, unique, etc.).


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