Adding/updating a biography

Please see below the instructions for having an artist's biography published on our website (it is completely free of charge):

  1. Print and fill out the form available here.

    Important notes concerning exhibitions: 5 personal exhibitions and 5 collective exhibitions maximum will be listed.
    For each exhibition, please provide the title, the exact place (gallery, workshop, museum, etc), the dates as well as the flyer.
    Only documents related with the biography are needed.
    In the event of non-respect of this procedure, we will not be able to process your request.

  2. Provide up to 5 reproductions of the artist's works, as well as a portrait and a signature sample.
    Images should be sent in digital format to (maximum size: 300 X 300 pixels, maximum weight: 150 Kb).

  3. Put your initials on each page, sign the form and return it to or by postal mail to:
    B.P. 69 - Domaine de la Source
    69270 Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d'Or

To update a biography, print and fill out the form available here with the information you want to add.
Then, put your initials on each page, sign the form and return it to or by postal mail.

If your works have been sold at auctions and they are not yet listed on, please send a copy of the auction receipt(s) as well as the detailed description of the artwork(s) - category, medium, size, ... - to

As per your request, your data will be published on the website or any other website that may replace it and that belongs to the group.

Any personal data communicated to is provided for the sole purpose of being published whether electronically or in hard-copy by the group. In accordance with the law and regulations on the protection of personal data, we remind you that you you may exercise your rights to access your data as detailed on the Confidentiality and personal data protection charter.