biography of Leslie Darrell RAGAN (1897-1972)

Birth place: Woodbine, IA

Death place: Portland, OR

Addresses: Pebble Beach, CA

Profession: Painter, illustrator

Studied: Cumming Sch. A.; AIC; Chicago Acad. FA.

Exhibited: Salons of Am., 1927-28; WFNY, 1939; AIC, 1940 (award); Phila. A. All., 1940 (certificate of merit), NAD; All. A. Am, 1939.; Boston AC; SC; SI; Carmel AA.

Member: Allied Ar. Am.; SI; A. Gld.; Carmel AA; SC; AAPL; A. Fellowship.

Work: Posters, N.Y. Central R.R., Norfolk & Western R.R.

Sources: WW59; WW47.