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Yayoi Kusama was born in Matsumoto, Japan, in 1929. As of 1977, she has regularly resided in a Japanese psychiatric facility where she has a workshop.

After an education in traditional and modern painting, Kusuma moved to New York in 1958 and mixed with some of the major artists of the city’s avant-garde, including Yves Klein, Andy Warhol and Donal Judd. A fervent activist for sexual freedom and women’s rights, she made her mark on 1960s New York with naked happenings in iconic locations. She participated indirectly in the Psychedelic and Pop Art movements of the time and painted her first Infinity Nets (large monochromes with obsessively repetitive and yet random patterns). Prone to visual hallucinations since childhood, her “psychosomatic” art is dominated by coloured peas and quasi-phallic forms in immersive works and installations. In 2019, Her Pumpkin (Twpot) – from her Pumkins series – sold for $7 million at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. Considered one of the world’s most influential artists, Kusama’s work is collected and exhibited in prestigious museums and her work is highly appreciated by the public. In 2017, she opened her own museum in Tokyo, substantially contributing to her popularity.


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The public and collectors all over the world are increasingly infatuated by Yayoi Kusama’s contagious polka dots which seem to have spread throughout the art market. At 92, the artist has become the very first woman in the global Top 10 artists with a best-ever annual auction total from the sale of over 700 lots […]

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