biography of Maxwell Bennett BATES (1906-1980)

Birth place: Calgary, Alta

Addresses: Victoria, BC

Profession: Painter, writer

Studied: Prov. Inst. Technol. & Art, with Lars Haukaness; BM Art Sch., with Max Beckmann & Abraham Rattner; Univ. Calgary, DUC, 1971.

Exhibited: Canadian Watercolors and Graphics Today, traveling exhib. in US, 1959-1960; Canadian Painting and Graphics, Mexico City, Mex., 1960; Biennial Exhib., Nat. Gallery Can., 1969. Awards: Ann. honor award, Can. Soc. Painters in Watercolour, 1957; Haspel-Seguin Award, Can. Soc. Graphic Art, 1960; Canadian Art Galleries, Alta, Can., 1970s

Member: Royal Can. Acad. Arts; Can. Soc. Painters in Watercolour (v. pres., 1958): Can. Soc. Graphic Art; The Limners (pres., 1972).

Work: Nat. Gallery Can., Ottawa; Nat. Gallery New Zealand, Auckland; Art Gallery Winnipeg, Man.; Art Gallery Vancouver, BC; Art Gallery Greater Victoria, BC.

Comments: Preferred media: oils, watercolors, lithography. Publications: auth., Faraway Flags, 1964.

Sources: WW73; John Graham, Maxwell Bates," Dec.,1968 & P.K. Page, "Maxwell Bates" (April,1970), Arts Can.; Robin Skelton," Maxwell Bates: Experience and Reality," Malahat Rev. (1971)."