biography of Thomas J. DOYLE (1928)

Birth place: Jerry City, Ohio

Addresses: New York, NY

Profession: Sculptor, instructor

Studied: Ohio State Univ, BFA, 1952, MA, 1953, with Roy Lichtenstien & Stanley Twardewiez.

Exhibited: Kunsthalle, Bern, Switz, 1964; Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, Ger, 1965; Dwan Gallery, New York, 1966 & 1967; WMAA, 1966, 1968; Sculpture of the Sixties, Los Angeles Co Art Mus, Calif, 1967; Primary Structures, Jewish Mus, New York, 1967; 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, NY, 1970s

Work: Brooklyn Mus, NY; Carnegie Inst, Pittsburgh, Pa; Kley Collection, Ger. Commissions: Fiberglass sculpture, Pub Arts Coun, City of New York, 1972.

Comments: Teaching: Instr sculpture, Brooklyn Mus Art Sch, 1960-1968; instr sculpture, New Sch Social Res, 1961-1968; lectr sculpture, Queens Col, 1970-.

Sources: WW73; Lucy R Lippard, Tom Doyle (Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, 1965) & Space Embraced: Tom Doyle's Recent Sculpture," Arts (Apr, 1966); Irving Sandler, Gesture & Non-Gesture in Recent Sculpture, (Los Angeles Co Mus Art, 1967). "