biography of Bud HAMBLETON (1919-2002)

Birth place: Jamestown, NY

Addresses: Rochester, NY

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: Univ. Rochester with Prof. William Ehrich.

Exhibited: Western New York Artists, Albright-Knox Gal., Buffalo, NY, 1956-57; Rochester Religious Arts Festival, Rochester, 1966; Everson Gal. Regional Exhib., Syracuse, 1967; Finger Lakes Exhib., Mem. Art Gal., Rochester, 1970; Lord & Taylor Gal., NYC, 1970s.

Work: Commissions: busts of Albert Einstein & J. Robert Oppenheimer, Atomic Energy Commission & Univ. Rochester, 1968; Brook Trout Rising, Cerro Corp., Bellefonte, PA, 1968; "Genesis" (wall sculpture), Brighton Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY, 1969; "The Preacher," Jupiter Corp., Chicago, 1969; large steel owl, Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, 1970.

Comments: Preferred media: steel, wood.

Sources: WW73; article, Upstate Magazine (1968); Link Q. Courtney, Salvation" (musical using slides of sculpture), David Black, producer, 1970."