biography of Jay (J. Alan Klein) ALAN (1907-1965)

Birth place: Beatrice, NE

Addresses: NYC, 1947; Woodstock, NY, 1966

Profession: Cartoonist

Studied: Univ. Nebraska; Chicago Acad. FA.

Exhibited: Nat. Cartoonist Soc. Exhibition, MMA, 1951; San Diego County Fair, 1964.

Member: SI

Work: Albert T. Reid Cartoon Coll., Journalism Hist. Center, Univ. Kansas. Cartoons represented in collection of humorous writing and cartoons, This Is My Best Humor," 1955; cartoons in permanent exhibition of cartoons at Reading (PA) Public Mus. & Art Gal."

Comments: Position: dir., Assoc. Press Feature Service; creator of comic Modest Maidens," syndicated by AP Newsfeatures, 1945-61; creator & syndicator of "Modern Maidens," nat. and int., 1962-.

Sources: WW66; WW47."