biography of Velma ADAMS (1902-1990)

Birth place: Fruita, CO

Addresses: Los Angeles, CA

Profession: Lithographer, etcher, engraver, painter, sculptor

Studied: Otis AI (Los A. County AI); ASL; Grand Central Sch. A., and with George Biddle, F. Tolles Chamberlin, Loren Barton, Leo Katz, Wayman Adams.

Exhibited: San Gabriel, AGI (solo); ACI, 1938 (solo); Ebell Salon, 1938; GGE 1939; Southwest M., 1939; Staten Island Inst.; Fnd. Western A., 1940-1945; Laguna Beach AA, 1949; Los Angeles AA, 1943-1949; Occidental Col.,1946; Fillmore Art Barn, 1941-1943; LACMA, 1945; Pasadena AI, 1949. Awards: prizes, Cal. SE, 1939; Ebell Annual, 1939, 1948; Cal. AC, 1940, 1947; Otis AI (Los A. County AI), 1941, 1942, 1943, 1945; Southern Pr. M., 1941; Women Painters of the West, 1944; Nat. Lg. Pen Women, 1949.

Member: Cal. Pr. M.; Cal. SE; Cal. AC; Women Painters of the West; Council All. A.; Southern Pr.M.

Work: Southwest Mus., Los A.; Appalachian Mus. A., Mt. Airy, Ga.; LACMA; U.S. Navy (triptych).

Comments: Auth.: Southwest Indian Designs." Included in "Prints by California Artists," 1954.

Sources: WW59; WW47. "