biography of Edith Hogen PECK (1884-1957)

Birth place: Cleveland, OH

Death place: Cleveland

Addresses: Cleveland

Profession: Painter, etcher, lithographer

Studied: Cleveland Sch. Art; Henry G. Keller; Frank Nelson Wilcox.

Exhibited: CMA, 1933-41 (prize), 1942-46; PAFA WC Ann., 1934-35, 1939; AWCS, 1946; Ohio PM, 1941-46; NAD, 1942-46; LOC, 1942-43; SAE, 1943-46; Northwest PM, SAM, 1945-46; Tri-State PM, 1945, 1946; Phila. Pr. Club, 1945; Laguna Beach Pr. Club, 1945; Am. Color Pr. Soc., 1946; CMA, 1933-46; Butler AI, 1937, 1940, 1942-43, 1946; SFMA

Work: CMA; Carville (LA) Mem. Hospital

Comments: Was introduced to intaglio printmaking methods by her son, artist James E. Peck; studied printmaking with Kalman Kubinyi (as did her son). Her most notable prints were color intaglio still lifes with landscapes in the background and were very painterly.

Sources: WW47; additional info courtesy Martin-Zambito Fine Art, Seattle, WA & Anthony R. White, Burlingame, CA.