Francis PICABIA (1879-1953)

Other possible identifications: attributed, manner, follower, after

Born in Paris in 1879 at “82, rue des Petits-Champs”, Francis Picabia died in 1953 at the same address. The only son of a diplomat, he grew up in a wealthy family far from the nonconformist movements he will be attracted to later.

In 1905, his paintings were exported abroad following the success of his exhibition at Haussmann gallery. He participated in the Armory Show New York in 1913 with his friend Marcel Duchamp, but his work was mocked by critics, as was often the case in his career. Between Paris, the French Riviera, Barcelona and New York, this great socialite, active in the “Puteaux group” and founder of the review 391, rubbed shoulders with a number of emblematic figures (Laurencin, Gleizes, Apollinaire, Steiglitz, Andre Breton, Tzara …). An eclectic creative, he also saw as many artistic experiences as there are “isms” in the art of the turn of the century. Regardless of freeing himself from all classification, he is considered one of the most radical founders of Modernity. Today, his works animate the contemporary guard (Damien Hirst) and are very sought after, in particular those with the Dada spirit (Udnie, Atrata, the Eye…) and in his period of the “Monsters” (Le Baiser, Les Amoureux…).


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