QI Baishi (1864-1957)

CHI Pai-Shih
Other possible identifications: attributed, after, manner, follower

Qi Baishi was a Chinese artist, born in 1864 in Xiangtan (Hunan Province). He died in 1957 in Beijing. Coming from a rural area and a modest home, carpenter by trade, he started to express his interest in painting, poetry and calligraphy late in life. He learned the traditional Chinese painting technique, Gonbi, by himself. He was influenced by various artists (Xu Wei, Zhu Da, Wu Changshuo…), acquiring creative maturity and excellence.

To perfect his skills, he travels all over China, shifting toward Xieyi technique. During his wanderings, he discovers others forms of inspiration than traditional academic themes and slowly imposes his own style. The subjects of his works reflect his taste for spontaneity, simplicity and countryside: fish, birds, shrimps, chicks, flowers, insects, always drawn with originality, dynamism and modernism. In 1956, he received the International Peace Prize. Recognized during his lifetime as a Master, he remains to this day a great source of inspiration to his contemporaries. Qi Baishi ranks among the bestselling artists of the century : his work Eagle Standing on Pine Tree was sold for more than 65 m$ by China Guardian in 2011


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