biography of Donald DELUE (1897-1988)

Birth place: Boston, MA

Death place: Leonardo, NJ?

Addresses: NYC; Leonardo, NJ

Profession: Sculptor

Studied: Boston Museum of Fine Arts School; in Boston with R. Recchia, Bela Pratt, and Robert Baker; in Paris with Bourdelle, Alfredo Pina after WWI; Bryant Baker in NYC

Exhibited: PAFA, 1940-47, 1952; Guggenheim fellowship, 1943-44; Hering Mem. Gold Medals, 1960; AAPL (gold medal); Arch. Lg., 1942 (prizes), 1951 (medal); NSS, 1942, 1946; NIAL, 1945; All. Artists Am., 1946 (medal); Salons of Am.

Member: ANA; NSS(pres.); NIAL; Archit. Lg.; Am. Artists Prof. League; plus others.

Work: Commissions: Spirit of American Youth (22' bronze figure), Omaha Beach Figure, US Military Cemetery Mem., Saint Laurent, Normandy, The Rocket Thrower (1945; bronze), World's Fair, 1964-65, New York, NY; Quest Eternal (27' bronze figure), Prudential Center, Boston, MA; two heroic figures (22' golden bronze), State of Louisiana Mem., Gettysburg, PA, 1971; two figure group (16' bronze), State of Mississippi Mem., Gettysburg, PA; Court House, Philadelphia, PA; Univ. Pennsylvania; American Exporter Mem., New York, NY; chapels at West Point and Arlington, VA; Harvey Firestone Mem.; Fed. Reserve Bank, Boston; U.S. Military Cemetery Mem., Omaha Beach, St. Laurent, Normandy, France; Brookgreen Gardens, SC; and others.

Comments: An important figurative sculptor best known for his monumental and commemorative bronzes which portray heroism and idealism and are often imbued with classical mythology. Positions: chmn. art committee, Hall of Fame for Great Americans, New York Univ.; advertising editor, Am. Artist Magazine. He was also a WPA artist.

Sources: WW73; WW47; D. Roger Howlett, The Sculpture of Donald De Lue: Gods, Prophets, and Heroes (Boston: David R. Godine, Pub., 1990); Falk, Exh. Record Series.