biography of Jacob EICHHOLTZ (1776-1842)

Birth place: Lancaster, PA

Death place: Lancaster, PA

Profession: Portrait, landscape, and historical painter

Studied: apprenticed as a coppersmith; Thomas Sully in Lancaster, PA, as early as 1808; Gilbert Stuart in Boston, 1812

Exhibited: Society of Artists, Phila., 1811-14; PAFA, 1823-42, 1878

Work: NMAA; MMA; PAFA; Phila. MA; NGA; Hist. Soc. of PA; Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

Comments: A prolific portrait painter (of more than 850 portraits) he captured the likenesses of many of notables of the Philadelphia and Baltimore regions. Although he had lessons from Thomas Sully, it was not until about 1811, when he was 35, that Eichholtz devoted himself to painting. In 1812 he went to Boston to study briefly under Gilbert Stuart. He spent most of his career in Lancaster and Philadelphia, though he also made visits to Baltimore and Washington. He also painted a small number of landscapes and historical subjects.

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