biography of Henry L. RICHTER (1870-1960)

Birth place: Saxony, Germany

Death place: Rolling Hills, CA

Addresses: Chicago, IL; Gunnison, CO; Des Moines, IA; Long Beach, CA, 1919; Rolling Hills, CA, 1939-60

Profession: Painter

Studied: AIC; A.E. Burbank; Art Acad., Munich, with Prof. Knirr

Exhibited: AIC; TMA; Denver Lib.; Boston AC, 1908; Laguna Beach AA annuals (many awards); Calif. State Fairs (many awards); LACMA, 1927, 1937 (bronze medal); Pacific Southwest Expo, 1928 (silver med.); GGE, 1939

Member: Denver AA; Calif. WCS; Laguna Beach AA; P&S Los Angeles; Palos Verdes AA; San Pedro AA; Long Beach AA.

Work: Laguna Beach Mus.; First Methodist Church, Long Beach; Religious Science Church of Redondo Beach; several H.S., Southern Calif.; Children's Mus., Colorado Springs; mural, Colorado State Normal Sch., Gunnison

Comments: Immigrated to the U.S. in 1887. Teaching: Drake Univ.; Gunnison, CO, 1911-18; studio work.

Sources: WW21; Ness & Orwig, Iowa Artists of the First Hundred Years,

176-77; The Boston AC;Hughes, Artists of California, 467. Hughes varies from other sources in stating 1870 as the birth year, and Plumenau, Austria as the place of birth; yet another source cites 1862 as the birth year.