Art Market Confidence III ndex®(by Artprice)

Players' confidence in the art market measured live by

Trends observed on 30 May 2024 05:56 (GMT)

Barometer for AMCI (by Artprice)

Market Confidence Level:
Intraday progression:
-3.66 %

The barometer reference point is 0. Positive values reflect optimism in Market players, while values below 0 show pessimism. The intraday progression follows up on Art Market players' reaction to and feedback on current news (stock market tendencies, geopolitical events, results of high profile sales etc.). This anticipation index will be correlated with Artprice's econometrics. See Artprice Global Indices.

AMCI (by Artprice) analysis components

Sentiments on current climate:

Prospective artworks acquisition


Sentiment on current financial situation


Expectation within the next 3 months:

Sentiment on economic climate in the next 3 months


Sentiment on evolution of prices in Art in the next 3 months


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These theoretic principles are based on the same method as used for the Consumer Sentiment Index by the Survey Research Center from the University of Michigan. This index constitutes a reference in every single global marketplace. Artprice aims at conducting a survey among its 7.2 millions members, mostly art market active players, around 4 questions. The representative sample varies all the time. Only the last 1,000 responses will be used to process the latest values of the AMCI (by Artprice). For each of the four questions, there will be 3 choices given (positive, negative or neutral) and as many qualitative variables. The responses are broken down into categories which form the results. The Art Market Confidence Index is drawn from the average percentage of positive answers minus the negative ones and calculated for each of the 4 questions.
This new synthetic indicator can be compared to other economics or social tendencies no matter the time or space and offers abundance of original information for prospective statistic.
Ever since 1997, Artprice Econometrics department has developed a set of algorithms for indices based on its knowledge and a unique database and has shaped its indices and indicators as a reference in the Art Market, making Artprice the world leader in Art Market information.
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