How to estimate the value of an artwork / an artist

We wish to remind you that, in order to use our services, it is necessary to identify your artist beforehand as we do not have an appraising department to help you authenticate or identify an artwork.

If you know at least the first 3 letters of the artist's name, you might find your artist by using the complete index of artists.

To get a valuation of your artworks and discover your artists' current prices:

  • submit the description and photo of your artwork via an Artpricing for € 72 (us$ 75 / £ 69) per report (also available by pack) to get a detailed estimate report done by our group of specialists and art historians.
    Submit your artwork here.

  • subscribe for a day, for a month through a preapproved monthly subscription (with Paypal) or for a year to get unlimited access to worldwide auction information!
    See our subscriptions starting at € 34 (us$ 34.50 / £ 30) .

If you want to sell your artwork(s), you can then post an Ad for free on our Marketplace (up to 3 free postings).

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