Selling an artwork

Artists, galerists, art dealers and private sellers, sell your art on the Artprice Marketplace.

  • Connect with 2.7 million Artprice art lovers and collectors
  • Earn more: no fees on classified ads and low fees on Auction ads.
  • Take control of the selling & shipping process.
  • Know your buyers better with our data analytics (with Artprice Store only).

Get started with a free account (Create your account) or open an Artprice STORE to increase your online visibility.

We guide you step-by-step to publish your ads:

  1. verify if the artist is included in our index. If he/she is not yet listed, click here.
  2. complete your seller profile in " My account" > "My customer profile" > "My Account Status".
  3. under the menu "Marketplace", click on "Sell" and you will be ready to start.

Choose the type of ad:

  • Auction ads: 100% secure transactions
    Your anonymity is maintained and the payment is secured through an online trusted third party (seller’s fees range from 5% to 9% - see Auctions user's guide)

  • Classified ads: simple and cost-free
    You can place up to 3 ads without a subscription. Potential buyers contact you directly via our secure messaging and you manage your transactions in a completely free and autonomous way, at no cost!

Open your ARTPRICE STORE for only €219 (us$249 / £200) a year

Unlimited classified ads             Increased visibility with a customized space
Commission-free transactions Daily data analysis

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