Mixed media/paper
Type of Artwork
Original artwork
Certificate issued by
Pancho Quilici
Size of the artwork
23 x 31 cm(9.06 x 12.2 in)
Invoice issued by
Galerie Wagner
Artwork description

Mixed technique on paper and white acrylic on transparencies

"Pancho Quilici is the painter-poet of our world. From the tiniest atom to the largest expansion, he maps the invisible. From the infinitesimal to the immense. A microscopy of the imperceptible. Perhaps he's also evoking the dark matter that eludes scientific understanding and makes up 70% of the galaxy. The infinitely small on a 2 m x 4 m canvas, or the infinitely large in 21 x 29.7 cm format. These journeys are not without humans. They are in their very heart, in their wandering matter, in their shapeless suffering and intense creations. Each line is a flickering soul or a wave in trance, each form a cluster of elementary particles and fertilized cells, each movement a molten energy. Perhaps the atom is composed of the universal being; they both sit, side by side or one from the other, in the wholeness of his work."

Estelle Ditta, 2018.


Survol 2(2018)

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