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Type of Artwork Original artwork
Title DIPTYCH IMG_6693 AND IMG_6685
Year 2020
Category Painting
Medium Acrylic
Signature base
Size of the artwork
36.22 x 57.48 x 1.18 in
92 x 146 x 3 cm
Certificate issued by ZT Tosha
Invoice issued by ZT Tosha
Condition excellent

"We cannot, convey to another the intimate subjective notion of beauty that we have. We cannot tell in words our particular feeling of beauty so that another may be conscious of exactly the same sensation. We can, however, often create a physical symbol that will adequately represent to another our idea of beauty. The symbol objectively perceived in a visual or auditory form will arouse another’s aesthetic sense." ZT Tosha

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Seller status Private seller
Country NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam)
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Insurance Yes
Number of parcels 1
Weight 4.0
Additional information

ZT Tosha is regarded as a well established artist from the Netherlands. Born in 1961, Zoran Tosic Tosha achieved worldwide recognition for his subversion of the classical image. ZT Tosha emphasizes that our actions have become symbiotic with our environment and that our behavior is a function of the situation, not of our internal traits. "We act depending on the circumstances at the time, not based on some collection of traits. My paintings are the conflict between the formal composition of an image and its content. The ambiguity of an image's composition expresses a tension between memory and content."

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