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Carl Andre: tribute and controversy [13 Feb 2024]

A few weeks ago, Carl André, a major figure in the Minimalist Art movement but tried for the murder of Ana Mendieta, died at the age of 88.. In the press release announcing Andre’s passing, the Paula Cooper Gallery (with whom the artist had worked since 1964) recalls that “Carl Andre redefined the parameters of […]

Flash News: Hauser and Wirth in Hong Kong; masterpieces by Magritte and Klimt soon up for auction [09 Feb 2024]

The attraction of Hong Kong continues to grow with Hauser and Wirth opening a new outlet in the city In March 2023, the auction house Phillips inaugurated its new Asian headquarters in a superb building in Hong Kong, a vibrant market hub whose overall turnover from art auction sales has tripled in fifteen years. This […]

Mixed start to the year in New York for Old Masters [06 Feb 2024]

Religious subjects, battle scenes, still lifes, portraits… Sotheby’s and Christie’s hosted their first major New York sales of 2024 last week, dedicated to Old Master artworks. Not easy to predict the reception of precious works by Old Masters… From one day to the next, the market has been sending contradictory signals, achieving very satisfactory results […]

Marc Chagall at the Pompidou Center [30 Jan 2024]

  The eminent Franco-Belarusian painter Marc CHAGALL is currently the subject of an exceptional exhibition at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Titled Chagall à l’œuvre, the exhibition highlights a set of works that was donated to the museum in 2022 by the painter’s granddaughters, Bella and Meret Meyer. It includes 127 drawings, 5 ceramics and 7 […]

NFTs, chaos in the art world: the must-see Arte documentary [26 Jan 2024]

“Non-Fungible Tokens – or NFTs as they are known – promise to transform the art market: fewer intermediaries, more money for artists, fewer barriers to entry for collectors. […] Let me guide you through the labyrinth of future possibilities”… says the artificially generated female voice that kicks off the new documentary broadcast by the Arte […]

Aili Jia, new star of Chinese art [24 Jan 2024]

Major collectors of Contemporary art who follow the Gagosian closely will undoubtedly be familiar with the work of Aili Jia, who, this year, was among the 200 most successful artists on the global auction market (all creative periods combined). We take a look back over the extraordinary rise of this 45-year-old artist who was born […]

Nominees for the 2024 Marcel Duchamp Prize [16 Jan 2024]

The ADIAF – host organization of the annual Marcel Duchamp Prize (a key event in France’s Contemporary art sphere) – announced its 4-artist shortlist for 2024 last week at Artcurial. Endowed with 90,000 euros, including a prize of 35,000 euros for the winner (to be announced on 17 October 2024), this award puts the nominated […]

The 3 male artists under 40 in 2023 [12 Jan 2024]

The world’s best fine art auction result in 2023 in the category of artists born after 1983 goes to Matthew WONG’s River at Dusk (黃昏的河流) which fetched the exceptional result of $6.66 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. Three years ago, the same work was acquired at Phillips for $4.7 million, also in Hong Kong. While Matthew […]

The best results in the Modern art segment in 2023 [09 Jan 2024]

Picasso, Klimt, Bacon, Rothko, Kandinsky, Magritte and Modigliani… the market for Modern art is undeniably the segment most likely to trigger the most spectacular auction results, and the only segment capable of generating no less than 16 results above 100 million dollars (in 2023) for works by the most famous artists born between 1860 and […]

Three women artists under 40 on the art market in 2023 [05 Jan 2024]

Three women – whose work redefines what we already know about abstraction and figuration – are already eliciting 7-digit auction results (in USD) although they are only in their thirties. While the reputation of the galleries supporting them has clearly played a role in the explosion of their prices on the secondary market, the singularity […]

Henry Darger: the posthumous fate of an extraordinary œuvre [02 Jan 2024]

Fifty years ago, Henry Darger died alone, poor and unknown, but today he is one of the most famous and highly regarded artists in ‘Outsider Art’. Although the term was used by André Breton in the 1920s, the expression “art brut” (which subsequently became known as Outsider Art in English) was essentially popularized by the […]

Fabienne Verdier’s spiritual-truth-seeking œuvre has found its way in the art market [29 Dec 2023]

Veritable breaths of fresh air in today’s creative universe, Fabienne Verdier’s almost minimalist works are being revalued on the auction market. At the beginning of 2023, Fabienne Verdier enjoyed a major exhibition of her work that was mounted in dialogue with the superb collection of Old and Modern masters in Colmar’s Unterlinden Museum. The exhibition […]

African art on the art market: calm after the storm [26 Dec 2023]

“Cautious” is probably the best way to describe the art market’s current mood with respect, notably, to Contemporary African artists. Despite solid prices still being hammered for major Modern signatures and for some very ‘museum-visible’ Contemporaries, auction results have cooled off for many of the artists who were intensely coveted last year. The urgency of […]

The rise of Hernan Bas [22 Dec 2023]

At 45 years old, Hernan BAS is among the most sought-after painters of his generation and already has four auction results above the million-dollar threshold to his name, including one hammered in 2023. His paintings of solitary young men – currently showing at the Bass Museum in Miami (his hometown) – bear witness to a […]

Yoshitomo Nara, Asia’s most expensive Contemporary artist [19 Dec 2023]

A leading figure in Japanese creation, Yoshitomo Nara has established himself in collections around the world with, as his only subject, a little girl with big eyes. Yoshitomo Nara became a famous artist with a single emblematic subject: an immediately recognizable child with stylized features, presented against a neutral background. His drawings are considered to […]

The best results for Old Masters in 2023 [15 Dec 2023]

Although works from the Old Masters period generate the smallest proportion of the global art market (less than 10% of its global turnover), essentially due to the rarity of masterpieces, this prestigious segment nevertheless attracts passionate bidding. Remember that the most expensive work in auction history is Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, which sold for […]

Vera Molnár, hommage to a pioneer [12 Dec 2023]

Vera Molnár used computers to create art for over fifty years. She died on December 7 last, just a few weeks before the opening of an exhibition to celebrate her 100th birthday at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Vera Molnár was the first woman to use algorithms to produce her works and […]

The largest Velázquez painting on the art market promises to fetch the best result ever hammered for an Old Spanish work [08 Dec 2023]

Painted in the 1620s-1630s, during a period of transformation in the career of Diego VELASQUEZ (1599-1660), the two-meter-high portrait depicts Isabelle de Bourbon, the daughter of the French King, Henry IV, before her marriage with the King of Spain, Philip IV. This prestigious painting by the great Spanish artist Diego Velázquez, which will be auctioned […]

The latest Hong Kong results from Phillips and Christie’s [05 Dec 2023]

Having hammered $2.4 million from Ultra-contemporary art at Phillips and $104 million from Modern & Contemporary art at Christie’s, the latest Hong Kong sales lived up to expectations. On 26 November, Phillips hosted its first Asian edition of its “New Now” sale in Hong Kong, bringing together Contemporary art and design work from the 20th […]

Works by Sanyu in upcoming Hong Kong sales [28 Nov 2023]

Christie’s Hong Kong is preparing its last major Hong Kong sales of the year at the city’s Convention and Exhibition Centre after roadshowing the works on offer throughout the region. In the evening of 28 November, the series of sales will conclude with a session reserved for 20th and 21st Century Art, with – as […]

The paradoxes of the Belgian art market [24 Nov 2023]

In Belgium, the art auction market has showed no signs of contraction this year and indeed has posted good results via the auction houses De Vuyst, Piasa Bruxelles, Louiza Auktion, Bonhams Cornette de Saint- Cyr Bruxelles and Horta, which together have generated more than 60% of the country’s art auction turnover. But their results would […]

Picasso’s ceramic works are gaining price momentum [21 Nov 2023]

Ceramics – a highly expressive medium of creativity that goes back to time immemorial – is increasingly winning over collectors, particularly those of Contemporary art (see our article: Ceramics on the Contemporary art market). However, it’s a Modern artist, Pablo Picasso – the most popular artist on the planet with six 9-digit results to his […]

Phillips hammers second highest sales total in its history [17 Nov 2023]

In the wake of the major New York sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, Phillips’ sales of Modern, 20th Century and Contemporary art generated a total of $155 million last Tuesday, (14 November), the second highest sales total in the company’s art auction history. The first part of the sale offered Modern works from the prestigious […]

More than a billion US dollars hammered in New York [14 Nov 2023]

Christie’s and Sotheby’s generated almost $1.2 billion from their New York sales of Modern and Contemporary art last week. A reassuring result for the end of a year in which some exceptional works attracted strong attention, while others disappointed expectations. Christie’s generates $759.35 million Christie’s took a total $759.35 million from its two sessions ($107.45 […]

The most important works in the Landau collection at Sotheby’s [09 Nov 2023]

Sotheby’s in New York has just completed the auction of the year’s most expensive private collection, that of Emily Fisher Landau, from which more than 100 works of Modern and Contemporary art were offered on 8 and 9 November: the sale rises to the very satisfactory result of $406.4 million, with 100% of the 31 […]

Panorama of Latin American art at auction [07 Nov 2023]

Global interest in Latin American art has numerous channels. Since the beginning of the millennium, public and private institutions alike – mainly in Europe and the United States – have conducted a growing number of initiatives to promote works by LatAm artists and foster links with Latin American museum and galleries to build archives of […]

The top-selling Old Master drawings of the year [03 Nov 2023]

Every year, unexpected treasures emerge from the past on the auction market, such as MICHELANGELO’s (1475-1564) youthful drawing of A nude man (after Masaccio) with two figures behind that attracted determined bidding when it sold for $24.3 million in Paris last year. It was the best result in 2022 in the quiet but nonetheless exciting […]

The top 10 global art auction results in October [31 Oct 2023]

Among the nearly 50,000 artworks sold around the world during the month of October, the Top 10 results alone generated $154 million, only $10 million less than in October 2022. Three of these top 10 results were hammered in Paris, two in London and – above all – five in Hong Kong, once again proving […]

Interview with digital artist Josh Pierce, featured on the cover of the Artprice 2023 Contemporary Art Market Report [30 Oct 2023]

Artist Josh PIERCE (1982) talks to Artprice about his work, his technique, his vision of NFTs, as well as his inspirations and his favorites. He invites us to delve into his spectacular work where the human being contemplates a natural world re-enchanted by a mysterious, luminous, fantastic, and soothing presence. The work Flow by Josh […]

Focus on François-Xavier Lalanne, following the sale of his first Rhinocrétaire at the record price of $19.4 million [27 Oct 2023]

A living-room bar in the shape of a cow or a hippopotamus; a bed shaped like a can of sardines, a writing desk in the form of a dove… François-Xavier LALANNE (1927-2008) is famous – as is his partner, Claude – for sculptural furniture of unparalleled originality. One of his most impressive creations is a […]

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