The Art Market in 2017

WAN, Jie: founder and President of Artron Art Group; founder of AMMA (Art Market Monitor of Artron). In March 2018, AMMA joined forces with Artprice and released a “2017 Report on the Art Market”.
thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of “In 2017, Artprice celebrated its 20th anniversary, twenty years during which the global Art Market has been metamorphosed”.
Since 2012, an exclusive alliance between the French company Artprice and the Chinese company Artron has produced the best possible analysis of the global Art Market.
The art market enters a new phase. 2017 marks a return to worldwide growth for the art market. After two consecutive years of contraction (-10% in 2015 and -23% in 2016), global art auction turnover increased by +20%, equivalent to…
 (Art Market Monitor of Artron , AMMA). The “Quality over Quantity” strategy of Chinese Art Auction Market has paid off.
The Western Art Market has never been denser: more than 413,000 artworks were sold through auctions during 2017… a new record.
The collection of artworks requires a general understanding of the market, and a certain knowledge of the nature of its supply and demand.
The Art Market Globalization and Impact of the Museum Industry. This year’s percentage of Chinese artists in the top 500 was above 30%, clearly illustrating – in addition to the turnover figures – China’s supremacy…
Three of the best auction results of all time were recorded during 2017, a year that was particularly rich records across all artistic periods, from Old Master art to Contemporary art.
In 2017, European artists accounted for nearly half of the world’s Top 500 artists last year, ahead of Asia (162) and North America (82).