The Contemporary Art Market worldwide

Fine Art auctions – painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, prints, installation & video


Contemporary Art’s virtuous circle

The historic record of $110.5 million for a Contemporary work illustrates the segment’s extraordinary financial potential. The rise of this segment, the Art Market’s primary growth driver, is fuelled by a virtuous circle that makes Contemporary Art an omnipresent dimension of our cultural landscape.

Renewed growth

Sales of Contemporary Art have been driving the Art Market’s recovery. The concentration of sales in the world’s major financial capitals brings collectors from all over the world into competition with each other and ensures price growth over the long term.

Current trends

Driven by efficient marketplaces, Chinese and American artists dominate the high end of the market. However, artists from other countries are also present at the top, notably those from  Germany and the African continent.

Popularity of Street Art

With its historic signatures now fetching big money and the growing popularity of a new generation of artists, the market for Street Art is becoming structured and international, and is currently a particularly dynamic niche of the Art Market.

Towards Art Market gender equality

With the world’s Top 500 Contemporary artists (by auction turnover) dominated by men (86%), female artists at the market’s high end are clearly undervalued. Changes are currently underway to bridge the gap.

The financial appeal of Contemporary Art

With an average annual return of +7.6%, Contemporary Art is a particularly competitive long-term investment which requires a constant eye on news and events that impact art values.

Top 500 Contemporary Artists

Madelaine D’Angelo, co-founder and CEO of Arthena

“We have developped a quantitative strategy for Art asset acquisition”

Madelaine D’Angelo,
co-founder and CEO of Arthena

Alex Chang, CEO of Poly Auction in Hong Kong

“Hong Kong has all the right conditions to attract European, American and Asian collectors”

Alex Chang,
CEO of Poly Auction Hong Kong