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Robert Indiana. LOVE [12 Jun 2018]

« I am one of those young painters who turned to trivial sources: Coca-Cola, sodas, supermarkets, highway signs. They attract the eye… they pop” (Indiana, 1963). HOPE, LOVE, ART, EAT …. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 …. Robert Indiana, who died in May at the age of 89, is sometimes described as a lexical and […]

A stunning top 10 in the first half of 2018 [08 Jun 2018]

Artprice’s fortnightly series of Fine Art auction rankings gives you a theme-based TOP article every other Friday. Today’s TOP article looks back at the best auction results during the first five months of the year. The top 10 best results in the first half of 2018 generated a total of $816 million. Of course, this […]

A major Zao Wou Ki exhibition in Paris [05 Jun 2018]

Just opened, the exhibition dedicated to Zao Wou Ki at the Paris Museum of Modern Art is called “Space is Silence” and is an invitation to meditation through a selection of large format paintings.   Paris had not hosted a major exhibition honouring Zao Wou Ki for 15 years. The new show (1 June through […]

Flash News: Art Basel… 49th edition – Art Basel’s Offs [01 Jun 2018]

Art Basel… 49th edition Four thousand artists… 291 of the world’s top galleries… collectors from all over the world… crowded aisles, daily debates and lectures… a special section for editions and multiple works… a programme of films by and about artists (including Ai Weiwei, Yayoi Kusama, Nancy Holt / Robert Smithson) and lots to see […]

Claude Viallat. Radical Abstraction [29 May 2018]

For over 50 years Claude VIALLAT has pursued a very specific and singular artistic practice, that of printing a systematically repeated shape onto a wide variety of materials such as sheets (cotton, canvas, hessian, silk, velvet) and fabrics (sometimes glittered) as well as curtains, blankets, umbrellas and various other materials. These frameless paintings are made […]

Top French artists sold in the United States [25 May 2018]

In today’s Top ranking (every other Friday) Artprice looks at the top-selling Contemporary French artists on the other side of the Atlantic.   Art history tells us that France was the primary geographical locus for what we now classify as ‘Modern’ and ‘Avant-garde’ art. It also tells us that this incredibly creative period lasted roughly […]

New York reveals the art market’s latest trends [22 May 2018]

Francis BACON’s Study for a Portrait (1977) dominated New York’s May sales of Contemporary & Post-War Art with a result of $49.8 million at Christie’s. Although big, it was significantly below the results posted a few days earlier at the Impressionist & Modern Art sales where three works fetched above $70 million. These included of […]

Flash News: Nu couché – Rockefeller collection – ​ Dakar Biennale [18 May 2018]

Modigliani’s Reclining Nude fetches 4th highest bid of all time Sotheby’s had given Amedeo MODIGLIANI (1884-1920)’s Nu couché (sur le côté gauche) an extremely bold estimate… in fact the highest estimate in Fine Art auction history: $150 million. But its sale on Monday 14 May 2018 in New York only slightly exceeded that amount and […]

Riopelle… dedicated to Abstraction [15 May 2018]

A life spent between France and Quebec… an œuvre intimately related to the history of the 20th century avant-garde in Europe and the United States, Jean-Paul Riopelle was one of the first Canadian artists to attain widespread international recognition. Born in Montreal in 1923, Jean-Paul Riopelle started drawing in early childhood, a passion that intensified […]

Top of Surrealism in 2018 [11 May 2018]

  This week’s Friday Top ranks the best results in 2018 of one of the major founding artistic movements in the 20th century, Surrealism, a movement that both Christie’s and Sotheby’s devote specialised sales to each year. Rank Artist Artwork Price ($) Date Auctioneer 1 René MAGRITTE (1898-1967) Le groupe silencieux (1926) $10,031,386 27/02/2018 Christie’s London 2 […]

New York’s ’s upcoming trophies [08 May 2018]

A Matisse “Odalisque” and a Fernand Léger “Grand déjeuner” both expected to fetch over $15 million, a Van Gogh likely to exceed $50 million, a museum-worthy Malevitch Suprematist composition – major works by some of history’s most sought-after artists. This year, New York’s May sales are taking the prestige factor to an impressive new level. […]

Flash News: Milan – ​Subodh Gupta – ​ Albert Oehlen [04 May 2018]

Milan.… unavoidable After recovering from Fashion Week last February, Milan was still bubbling in April. Over two-weeks three events with international reach animated the Lombardi capital attracting collectors, art enthusiasts, artists and art professionals: the Miart (Modern and Contemporary art fair), held during the Milano Art week in mid-April, and the Milan Design Fair, emphatically […]

Another Modigliani Nu Couché sets the market on fire… [02 May 2018]

In 2015, a Reclining Nude by Modigliani became the second most expensive artwork in auction history. Three years later, another nude by the same iconic artist has appeared on the market. With this spectacular canvas, shown in Hong Kong its sale in New York, Sotheby’s is probably hoping for another major auction record for the […]

Top results so far in 2018 [27 Apr 2018]

In today’s “Top” article from our fortnightly series of Art Market rankings, Artprice rounds up the world’s best Fine Art auction results since the beginning of 2018… results that bode well for the rest of the year. Traditionally, the most important and prestigious Fine Art auction sales during the early months of each year are […]

What records might we expect from the sale of the century? [24 Apr 2018]

Make no mistake… this has to be the sale of the century. Generously relayed by the media and masterfully orchestrated by Christie’s for months (world tour of the sale’s principal masterpieces with 14,000 visitors in in Hong Kong), the David and Peggy Rockefeller collection is expected to generate over $600 million. Promoted in no less […]

Flash News: Paper Positions – The Fondation Carmignac [20 Apr 2018]

Paper Positions kicks off in Berlin Paper Positions – focusing on all forms of creativity on (or in) paper – opens April 26-29 in the superb atrium of the Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz. This year the fair will present drawings, collages, cutouts, paper-folding, art books, written works and 3-D creations. Of modest dimensions – just 46 […]

Kasimir Malevich, an emblematic work returns to auction [17 Apr 2018]

Emblematic works by Malevich are sought after by major collectors and museums worldwide. Christie’s is offering a Suprematist painting from 1916 at its Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale in New York on 15 May. This is not the work’s first appearance at a public sale… A Russian artist of Polish origin, Kasimir Sevrinovitch MALEVICH […]

Flash News: Urban art – Charles Meynier in France – Cranach [13 Apr 2018]

Urban art in the spotlight The 3rd edition of the Paris Urban Art Fair runs from 12 to 15 April 2018 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. Dozens of French and international galleries will gather around the theme “Why live in town?”. Each will highlight one or two artists from the Urban Art movement […]

The future of Expressionism [10 Apr 2018]

Expressionism does not seek to reveal or prove anything… it just expresses! Its birth in early-20th century Germany reflected the atmosphere that prevailed before WWI. Its visionary artists were sensitive to the brutality of changes affecting society and the hostility of a world they had no choice but to live in. Their ‘expression’ reflects the […]

Hong Kong’s Top results [06 Apr 2018]

Today’s Friday Top looks at the best art auction results hammered in Hong Kong since January 2017, including the recent sales in March. The results confirms trends observed in recent years: in short… prices are soaring for the major Chinese signatures of the 20th and 21st centuries. With a price of over $13 million at […]

George Condo ascending… [03 Apr 2018]

Shown on the cover of Phillips’ New Now sale catalogue in February 2018… exhibited opposite Pablo Picasso at Sotheby’s Hong Kong last month… the American artist George Condo is receiving ever-more support from the art market’s major players and his influence on the Contemporary scene is clearly growing. Meanwhile… his prices are soaring. Artprice takes […]

Flash News: Mary Cassatt – ​The Rockefeller collection – ​ Very busy week in Hong Kong [30 Mar 2018]

Mary Cassatt. Impressionist femininity Painting almost exclusively female subjects… women in theater boxes, women hugging and caring for their child, women picking fruit in a garden… Mary CASSATT (1844-1926) was one of only a few women accepted into the closed group of Impressionist painters and the only American women. Growing up in the United States […]

Art ParisArt Fair celebrates its 20th edition [27 Mar 2018]

Since it started 1999, Art Paris Art Fair has become the most important art fest of the Paris springtime. Organized in the 6,000 m2 of the Grand Palais in the heart of Paris to promote Post-War and Contemporary art, this year the Art Paris Art Fair has invited 142 international galleries with 23 countries represented, […]

Top results from the Paris Drawing Week [23 Mar 2018]

The Friday “Top”. This week our fortnightly Top-10 auction ranking focuses on the 10 best results ever hammered in the French capital for drawings. The ranking provides historical reference points for the sales to be held in Paris during the last week of March… sales that will round off an intense month of drawing market […]

Art Brussels: 50th edition [20 Mar 2018]

One of Europe’s most important art fairs is about to launch its 50th edition, an anniversary that will no doubt have a positive impact on attendance from April 19 to 22. Two weeks after an intense week of cultural activity in Paris focused on drawing, Contemporary art fans and collectors will be heading north towards […]

Flash News! ​ Drawing Now – ​ Peggy Cooper Cafritz [16 Mar 2018]

Drawing Now 2018 Now a regular feature of the French art market, every March, Paris hosts a whole month of exhibitions and fairs dedicated to the drawing medium including the Salon du Dessin at the Palais Brongniart, the DDESSIN {18} fair at the Atelier Richelieu and DRAWING NOW at the Carreau du Temple as well […]

​Contemporary art: the latest high-end results… [13 Mar 2018]

Last week Sotheby’s and Christie’s hosted their first prestige Contemporary Art sales of the year in London offering works by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lucio Fontana and Peter Doig among others. Generating a combined total of $343.2 million, the two auction majors have made a good start to the year. On […]

The world’s top-selling Madonna paintings [09 Mar 2018]

Today our fortnightly Top-10 auction ranking takes a look at the world’s best-ever auction results for Madonnas… Like all markets, the art market is mainly a question of supply and demand.In the case of Madonnas – a religious subject essentially depicted by Old Masters and subsequently side-lined in the Modern and Contemporary periods – demand […]

The best Impressionist and Modern results [06 Mar 2018]

In London, on 27 and 28 February, Christie’s and Sotheby’s hosted their much anticipated first prestige sales of the year, offering works by lots of top Impressionist and Modern artists. The sessions generated a number of impressive results… Christie’s: $158 million Christie’s February 27 sale generated an honorable total from 81 lots sold. The low […]

Flash News: Degas on the motorway – Rediscovering Raoul Hausmann – Djamel Tatah [02 Mar 2018]

A Degas found on the motorway On 16 February during a random check at a motorway service station in Seine-et-Marne, France, customs officers found what appeared to be a wrapped painting in the luggage hold of a coach. As nobody aboard the coach claimed it, customs officers kept the work to conduct their own research […]

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